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My Day/Adventure with June

By Sarah Potter

This Saturday was a day I'll never forget. I went from going on an adventure by myself to going on it with someone 50+ years older than me.

The plan started out to go take the bus from Brooks-Howell to downtown. Walk and eat lunch at a Korean restaurant. Walk to the bus station. Take the 30+minute ride to the movie theatre and watch Aquaman. Depending on the time, take the bus or Lyft back, with potential dinner.

What actually happened is that we discussed the plan in the dining room on Friday. I showed June the trailer, so she would know what she was getting herself into. Even on Thursday, when I was describing the movie and how long it would be, she just said "If it gets too loud, I'll take out my hearing aids" and "Wake me up for the good parts." Someone nearby heard our conversation and offered to give us a ride down to the theatre. We also discussed getting Korean food for lunch or dinner. Finally, our plan was settled.

We met in the lobby on Saturday, bundled up for the cold weather to come in the night, June in a Santa hat and a sweater with "Ho Ho Ho" across it, and drove down to Biltmore Park to the Regal. It amazed her that my tickets were on my phone and they just scanned them to get in. We also passed a photo booth, where June commented that "she hadn't seen one in years." We got popcorn and water and walked to our seats. We sat in the theatre for three hours, watching advertisements, trailers ("there's the one for concessions!"), and finally the movie. Throughout the movie, I would look over at her and check on her, see what her reactions were to the scenery or even language (Aquaman is PG-13 after all). Afterwards, she was just befuddled by it being underwater most of the time. I pointed out in the credits to all the people who were on the CGI teams; she was amazed.

We took a Lyft from there to The Korean House Restaurant, where I had my coveted Bi Bim Bab and June got Jab Chae. Both were quite delicious. We recalled eating other Asian cuisines throughout our college years with international students. We talked about when we learned to use chopsticks and June's travels in the Far East. We had a great time.

One of the questions from that day that has still stayed with me was "How will you introduce me to people? As your grandmother?" I immediately replied, "No, as my friend." She smiled. "Good. That's what I hoped for." It was a day of intergenerational fun, of learning new and old ways, that I will treasure forever.

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